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Manda Mosher @ Hotel Cafe

Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

SZLACHETKA & friends
Featuring SZLACHETKA, Manda Mosher, Jacob Jeffries & Joe Bourdet
Aug 21, 2019 8:00 PM

Pre-Sale Price: $12.00
Service Charge: $3.50
Pre-Sales Close Aug 21, 2019 6:00 PM

8pm: Jacob Jeffries
10:30pm: Manda Mosher
11:30pm: Joe Bourdet


Manda Mosher @ Official AMERICANAFEST Event: The California Country Show

Official AMERICANAFEST Event: The California Country Show , Nashville, TN

The California County Show is this year’s California themed event during AMERICANAFEST at ACME Feed & Seed! Join us for a fun filled social mixer and opportunity to see California’s representation of Americana artists from the West Coast, Nashville, and beyond who have a great love for the California Sound. Dave Bernal of The California Country Radio Show co-hosts with alt-Americana artist and co-founder of The California Country Social, Manda Mosher in partnership with Prickly Pear Presents (proliferator of Americana Music Nights at Highland Park Bowl), Annette Conlon and ACME Radio Live. Performances and interviews will be broadcasted live on ACME Radio Live and re-broadcasted on The California Country Radio Show. No wrist band or badge required for attendance. All ages welcome.

Manda Mosher @ The California Country Shake-Up

The California Country Shake-Up, Nashville, TN

Join us for an all-star super after party show at Dee's Cocktail Lounge following our Official AMERICANAFEST Event at ACME Feed & Seed.

We're all coming together to make that great California sound with our Nashville friends and beyond.

Hosted by Dave Bernal of the Just Dave Band and The California Country Radio Show.

Manda Mosher @ Shubb Capocabana at AMERICANAFEST

Shubb Capocabana at AMERICANAFEST, Nashville, TN

The Shubb Capocabana at AMERICANAFEST at Vinyl Tap - 2038 Greenwood Ave. Nashville, TN 37206

2-5pm with performances by Anne McCue, Manda Mosher, Amilia K Spicer, Emily Zuzik, Brian Ashley Jones, and Brian McKenzie.

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