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Manda Mosher @ Tom Petty Birthday Concert & Live Webcast

Tom Petty Birthday Concert & Live Webcast, Burbank, CA

Join us for a live webcast and concert to celebrate Tom Petty's 68th birthday, this Saturday October 20 at 7 pm PST online and at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles.
A benefit for the school, L.A.'s great temple of song, it features a host of artists - including: Skip Heller, Ali Handal , Thee Holy Brothers, Neil Rosengarden, Fernando Perdomo, Barry Keenan, Terry Paul Roland , The Wild Mountain Mystics (with Lisa and Rick Mistich) Kate Copeland, Dan the man Daniel Kirkpatrickt, Melinda Gibson, Annette Conlon & Doug Conlon, Jeff Gold, John Kruth, Ted Wulfers, Karman Jeanne , Paige Calico, Joel Bennett, Allan Wachs, John O'Kennedy, Lisa Turner, Manda Mosher & Eric Craig, Robert Morgan Fisher, Bob Dobbs, Aaron Wolfson, Ada Pasternak, Robert Milkwood Thomas, Tim Tedrow, Jack Frost, Jaclyn Riva Beck and Boo Wilbury.

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