Please note my social media sites were hacked. Since the hack my music facebook page has been returned to me however the hackers wiped out 10 years of musical archives. Please come follow me there to help me rebuild that page's presence. The page is up at 

My personal facebook account was obliterated in the hack and no longer exists. I created a new one that you are welcome to join if you are a personal friend.  

My instagram @mandamosher was hacked as well and has since been returned.

CALICO the band's Facebook page was also taken down in the hack. The page was recently restored but had a significant loss to it's musical archives which were mostly wiped out by the hackers. You can friend that page at 

CALICO the band's instagram @calicotheband was taken down in the hack and has not been returned. 

Social media is a crucial platform for businesses now days and sadly one hack can decimate a business. If you use these platforms, please at lest download the content that you are posting somewhere safe as these hacks are occurring with greater frequency.  

Thank you for all of your love and support over the years  




Manda Mosher @ 29th Annual Bob DylanFest

29th Annual Bob DylanFest, Torrance, CA

Andy Hill & Renee Safier and Hard Rain present the 29th Annual Bob DylanFest, Sunday, May 5, 2019. 12-8pm at the Torino Plaza at the Torrance Cultural Center: Torino Plaza, 3330 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503

Early Bird Tickets $30, Tickets at the door $35, VIP Tickets- $100

There will be food and drinks (non-alcoholic drinks, water & sodas) plus beer and wine available for a reasonable price. The food will be provided by acclaimed Chef Michael Shafer of The Depot restaurant in Torrance. Please do not bring in any outside food or beverages, and bring ID if you plan on purchasing alcohol. No alcohol will be served without proper ID.

Performers: Andy Hill, Renee Safier & Hard Rain, Marty Rifkin, Dry September, Susie Glaze, Steve Whalen, Brax Cutchin, Chase Keepe Hill, Patti Orbeck, Joe Caccavo, Manda Mosher, Fuzzy Thurston, Jay Constable, Terry Buck, Dave Leahy, Jamie Daniels & The Jack of Hearts, Bellylove, Dave Crossland, Paul Zollo, Pillow of Wrongness, Scott Gerber and more.

"Cold Cold Love" From The Motion Picture Please Stand By.  Released on Blackbird Record Label (3.9.18) Available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play.

All proceeds from "Cold Cold Love" will be donated to Geek Club Books for their important work with Autism. 

CALICO the band's sophomore album UNDER BLUE SKIES released on California Country Records (9.15.17) Available on CD, Vinyl, Digital Download on iTunes, and streaming on Spotify

Track Listing:

1. Fine Line 
2. Cold Cold Love
3. The 405
4. Roll Away The Stone
5. The Leaving Kind
6. California Dreamin'
7. Free Man
8. Under Blue Skies
9. Fly Me Away
10. Love Gets In The Way
11. Come To Me
12. Into The Unknown
13. Ladies Of The Canyon


CALICO THE BAND's Debut Album RANCHO CALIFORNIA released on California Country Records (2014) Available on CD, Vinyl, Digital Download on iTunes, and streaming on Spotify.

Track Listing:

1. High Road
2. Dead Reckoning
3. San Andreas Shake
4. Fool's Gold
5. Break Your Heart
6. Runaway Cowgirl
7. Wayfaring Stranger
8. Lone Ranger
9. Never Really Gone
10. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere

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